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The Symbolic Meaning Behind Adam and Chavah (Not Adam and Eve)

n English, Eve’s etymology comes from the word evening, thus symbolises the impending darkness of the night. So too, Christian interpretations of Eve tend towards viewing her as a femme fatale who is responsible for Adam (the perfect male) falling into the darkness of sin.

The Jewish name Chavah literally means the mother of all life, which brings with it positive associations of nurturing, creativity, and the joy of living. When Chavah is united with her husband, Adam (humankind), the symbolic embodiment of the two represents human experience, for everyone whether they are male, female, or other.

Why the difference? Essentially, Christianity focuses on the physical while Judaism focuses on the metaphysical.

The Big Bang Theory in Egyptian Mythology

Would the universe have been created if Ra had sex education? To explore possible responses to that question, I have written a satirical account of the Ancient Egyptian creation myth and juxtaposed it with the scientific theory of the Big Bang.

Hysteria to PTSD: Freud’s hypnotism still has some people in a trance

Over a hundred years ago Freud created a name for himself with the invention of psychoanalysis. Since then, scientific research has disproven most of his work, especially that which relates to trauma. Nevertheless, many people are still dedicated “believers”. Amongst those still under Freud’s hypnotic influence is Jordan Peterson. The consequences of such means that individuals with PTSD are at risk of not getting the support that they need to recover.