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Interpreting The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse In A Historical Context

Ever since the first century, there have been individuals who proclaim the apocalypse is just around the corner. In today’s environment of Covid-19, natural disasters, nuclear weapon technology, and financial hardships, there is no shortage of doomsday leaders who believe the real time of the tribulation is now. But what if they are all wrong? What if the symbology used by John the Elder has been taken literally when it should be metaphorical? In this blog I explore a possible interpretation that takes into account how the symbolism can be read in a historical context.

Did the White Horseman have a bow, bow, or bow?

A bow and arrow? A bow made of ribbon? Bending down to bow? Words that look the same but have different meanings and/or have variations in pronunciations can be tricky to work out. Revelations 6:2 presents such a situation.