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Online Counselling: Reliable and Convenient


Individual Counselling

Online counselling sessions can be booked for 50 minute or 25 minutes in accordance with what is most convenient for you.

Sessions times are run according to Australian Eastern Standard Time, ie. Melbourne & Sydney time.

For more details about the mental health services offers see How sessions are run and About RWS.


Individual counselling:

  • 25-minute session $45 AUD
    • $40 AUD concession
  • 50-minute session $80 AU
    • $70 AUD concession

Group counselling:

  • 90-minute group sessions $30 AUD
  • $15 AUS concession

Groups Counselling

Group sessions are run from time to time according to the number of interested participants.

If you are interested in being part of a group session please fill in this form or send an email to and you will be notified of when these are running.

Payment Options

Booking a Consultation

Sessions can be booked:

Monday – Friday 5pm – 8pm

Saturday 10am – 2pm

Please indicate preferred day and time when emailing or texting:

Supporting Mental Health through Creativity

Renaissance Wellbeing Services (RWS) offers online counselling from a professional mental health practitioner. Access evidence-based support for depression, anxiety, and trauma related circumstances from the convenience of your own home via internet conferencing (ZOOM or Skype).

Person-Centred Approach

RWS has a person-centred approach to wellbeing that recognises each individual is different, therefore there is no “one size fits all” to overcoming challenging life circumstances and mental health issues. Online services include talk based and/or creative therapies that can be tailored to people’s specific needs.

Counselling is provided with respect to appropriate cultural considerations, and are responsive to the needs, values, and choice of all clients.

RWS caters for people who require short term counselling (1-3 sessions) to a work through a single issue and long term for those who need additional support relating to complex issues.

Talk Based Counselling

Addressing mental, emotional, and situational issues through talking is a well-documented and effective manner of delivering psychotherapeutic counselling. Through discussions, listening, and taking a narrative approach, internalised issues can be safely brought into an external environment where they can be appropriately addressed.

Creative Therapies

Distressing and traumatic experiences can sometimes be too difficult to talk about. Moreover, strong emotions can impair cognitive abilities. By using art-based approaches such as drawing, painting, and doodling, thought and feelings can be expressed in a non-threatening manner. Creative therapies also link into neuroplasticity because they encourage whole brain activity, which in turn promotes the formation of new synaptic networks.

Creative therapies can be directly incorporated into online counselling sessions and/or directives can be given that are to be done in between appointments.

Booking an Online Counselling Session

Counselling sessions can be made via the “Contact” menu or by emailing

“Got a lot out of the sessions I did with Renée. Even weeks afterwards it gave me something to think about. Challenging in a good way. Very helpful!”

(Gen, King Island, Australia)

COMING SOON: Hero’s Journey Group Course

The “Hero’s Journey” is a metaphor for developing resilience and overcoming life challenges. In this course you will learn skills and insights that can help you overcome difficult situations. To register you interest please email

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