About Renée

Hello! My name is Renée and as founder of Renaissance Wellbeing Services my aim is to provide information and support to people that may assist their mental health and trauma recovery journeys.

As a trauma-informed therapist, I take the view that trauma is a component of all mental health issues that needs to be addressed with compassion and understanding. I have experience working with individuals and groups with PTSD and trauma backgrounds. Additionally, I have worked with people who have diagnoses of anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, bi-polar, and autism.

Understanding mental health and psychology are life long passions of mine and I am continually updating my qualifications so as I am informed with the most up-to-date and accurate insights. I’m also a big believer in empowering individuals with knowledge.

When I am not studying mental health or psychology, one of my hobbies is to engage with art, either by making it or visiting galleries.

In my personal work (some of which has been done to process personal traumas), I often draw trees because I find them to be very inspiring. Trees are capable of withstanding great adversity yet keep on growing. Further, trees that have been through the most hardship that finish up being the most beautiful and unique, which I think is a great metaphor for human growth.

Below are few images I’ve created over the years. What sort of tree to you feel like today?

My formal qualifications are as follows:

  • 2018 MMH – Masters of Mental Health (Art Therapy), University of Queensland
  • 2016 CCS – Certificate of Counselling Skills, Health Academy Australia
  • 1998 BEd – Bachelor of Education (Visual Arts), University of Melbourne

In process:

  • 2019 GDP – Graduate Diploma Psychology, University of Melbourne (still in progress; 90% complete)



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