Renaissance Wellbeing Services is an online space run by myself, Renée. I am a community mental health practitioner with experience and training icounseling, art therapy, psychology, education, and Art. I am passionate about sharing what I learn with others.

My key areas of interest include trauma-informed approaches to mental health, neuroscience, and history. My formal and informal research has lead me to the conclusion that humans’ innate impulse to be creative is sometimes misunderstood. For the better part of last century, neuroscience focused on trying to find a specific region or hemisphere of the brain dedicated to thinking “creatively”, i.e. thinking in original or novel ways. It is only in relatively recent years that creativity is being recognized as a whole-brain activity; moreover, it is a process in which imagination, prior life experiences, knowledge, skills, and abilities, blend together to make new thoughts, products, or just about anything!

Presently, my interest is largely focused on how our ancestors used mythology as a means of explaining their understandings of humankind and our relationship to the world. In some cultures, like the Ancient Greeks, secrets of this nature were considered to be so sacred that they encoded their myths with symbolism that only those who were initiated could understand. Due to this secrecy, surface level interpretations and bias analyzing strategies (like psychoanalysis) has resulted in significant misunderstandings about the past, some historical characters, and the role that Art plays in our lives. My blogs are intended as a space in which I can share what I learn with others in the hope that it may help put our current era in perspective. My blogs can be found here. Please, have a look and leave a comment; I’d love to hear your thoughts.

I also offer online counselling which you can find out more about here. Or email renaissancewellbeings@gmail.com.




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