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Mental Health

Mental health blogs include discussions about how the brain works, with an emphasis on understanding creative processes and its relationship to wellbeing. Other topics include trauma, PTSD, narcissism, depression, and further mental health issues.

Coercive Control

Coercive control is an identifiable system of manipulation. It is a form of abuse administrated by individuals with narcissistic and psychopathic traits that can have horrific mental health impacts on victims.


Humans reply upon symbolism to convey meanings. Understanding what certain symbols represent can create “in group” and “out group” scenarios. Historically, the language of symbolism has overlapped with themes of religion and power.

Belief Systems

A lot of mental health conditions are exacerbated or intertwined with environmental stresses. Belief systems that are overtly or covertly imposed upon people (as a group or individually) are particularly problematic; what one believes can liberate or imprison the mind.